Waldy & Bendy discuss sculpture after a chat with Antony Gormley, and then entertain themselves in the lockdown by watching a terrible film about Frida Kahlo. Then Waldy chooses a Fatimid ewer for his imaginary shelf.


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Waldy & Bendy confront some shocking news from the art world. Waldy has a chat with the head conservation honcho at the National Gallery. And Bendy chooses an obscure picture for his On the Wall. Not!


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Christmas Special. Waldy & Bendy argue about the Best Nativity in Art, Bendy has a chat with a Hollywood superstar, and Waldy puts on a sealskin onesie.


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Waldy and Bendy go gaga over the Royal Collection, and things go from baaaad to worse when they try to select the best sheep in art.


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Waldy tries to convince Bendy of the wonders of Rococo, and they both put on their wellies and stomp back to the farm to look at cats in art. Plus Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.


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Waldy & Bendy dive into the dangerous artistic waters of fakes and forgeries, and ask what’s real in art and what isn’t? When they’ve done that, they go fishing and play some chess.

Waldy & Bendy discuss an exciting new Museum of African Art, talk to the author of The Brutish Museums, and then cuddle up to Bendy’s donkey. That’s right. Bendy has a donkey.


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Waldy & Bendy attempt an American art special. But don’t get very far. Also, the timely return of the Waldy & Bendy Awards, where the search is on for the worst statue in Britain.


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Waldy and Bendy catch up on what they’ve been up to in the interim since the last lockdown and discuss Artemisia Gentileschi.


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In a one episode special, Waldy swaps partners and teams up with his pal Ron to talk about flying works of art - otherwise known as birds.

You can also watch the episode on Youtube where pictures of the birds are included.

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